7 Most surprising facts about playing cards

7 Most surprising facts about playing cards A deck of cards is one of those things that everyone comes into contact with from time to time. It is small and simple and yet, at the same time, very much versatile. From magic tricks and business games for kids to severe and complicated casino classics such as poker and blackjack, a deck of cards comes in handy always. Now that being said, if you are a professional card player or even a casual one, a deck of cards is the tool you practice your skills with. But if you are like most of the gamblers, you probably don’t know much about the playing cards-what are they, why are they in a way they are, where did they come from?  Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing facts about your deck of cards. Let’s see how much of these did you know before. 1. The History: Playing Cards first arrived around 900 years ago in China, yet they are as popular as ever. Despite their simplicity, cards and card games have evolved with time. In the 21st cen

Why are slot machines called pokies and not slots?

Why are slot machines called pokies and not slots? If you’re visiting an online casino from anywhere other than Australia, you may be wondering what the hell we are on about when we talk about “the pokies.” Pokies is an Aussie slang word for slot machines, but the two terms mean the same thing. For new players, this raises the question of possible differences between the two. In reality, both ”pokies” and ”slot machines” are the same. What exactly is a Pokie? In Australia and New Zealand, Pokie is a Slot Machine. The term is guessed to come from the ‘pok’ in poker machine and has evolved into the slang word ‘Pokie.’ No matter what they are called, pokies and slots both provide players with exceptional opportunities to win money. When gamblers are looking for a big win on Pokies, they probably choose an online casino that offers progressive slots. Keep reading, Learn More...